medical records……

“I recently learned that so many of us are having trouble getting medical records from our doctors to move forward with the application process. It would be very nice to have helpful article & possible advice given what we can do to force our medical records to be sent? At least we wouldn’t feel alone and defeated? I know my own situation with doctor’s offices lagging on sending records has caused me urgent problems. They hold my life in their hands by not sending my medical records.”

Indeed, personal medical records management can be a bit exhausting. We’ll offer some tips on how to make that easier. In addition, we think this is also a great opportunity to offer a refresher on the claims process as it pertains to Camp Lejeune contamination.

Check this very detailed link:
http://www.civilianexposure.or g/obtaining-records-for-exposu re-claims/?utm_source=Civilian +Exposure+Web%2FNewsletter+ Subscribers&utm_campaign= 2d673722dc-Civilian_Exposure_ Newsletter_05_11_2017&utm_ medium=email&utm_term=0_ 4fb751a2a2-2d673722dc-16319546 5

Also see this article: camp-lejeune-water- contamination-investigation- cdc/?utm_source=newsletter& utm_medium=email&utm_campaign= tp-today&utm_content=button