Los Gourmanderos

Our intrepid dining club, Los Gourmanderos, is planning a late summer crab dinner

Where:              The Hilltop Crab House, 8980 Gap Newport Pike, Toughekenamon,                             PA  on Route 42.

Date & Time:   Saturday, August 13th at 6:00m p.m.

Website:           http://hilltopcrabhouse.com/.

Jefe:                    Crabmaster, Frank Houck.


To get in on the fun, please email Frank or call 484 947-3437.


Questions and comments are also welcomed.

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2 thoughts on “Los Gourmanderos”

  1. We had a grand time at Hilltop crab house. 16 members/ wives joined in the fun. Crab shells were flying all over the place.
    This might justify a return trip. Great fun and fellowship were the rule for this group.
    My thanks to all that participated, and for those who couldn’t, we’ll, maybe next time.

    Frank Houck

    1. There have been more recent “mini-outing” of Los Gourmanderos. Usually they are outings by rail to Philly for a meal followed by a return train ride. The numbers range around three.

      Reminder: any member of VVA 436 can initiate a Los Gourmanderos event. It’s simple. Just pick a food location; match it with a day you like and contact johnmorris329@gmail.com. The word will be spread to our members. The originator make the final reservations and the event is on.

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