Secretary’s Update

Secretary’s Update

To All:


There were three (3) motions approved by the National Board of Directors at the 2016 January BOD meeting that will direct impact on our membership and the VVA staff. One motion came from the VVA Public Affairs Committee and the other two (2) motions came from the VVA Membership Affairs Committee. Please consider this update as a notice and freely distribute as necessary.


VVA Public Affairs Committee


Motion 7

To remove and refrain the use of the terminology Vietnam ERA Veteran. To remove from organization publications, etc. Suggested to begin using terms such as Vietnam Veteran or Vietnam Generation.


VVA Membership Affairs Committee


Motion 13

To amend the Life Membership dues structure by deleting the age bracket requirements and to set the Life Membership dues at $100 effective January 1, 2016.


Motion 14

To approve the 2nd Consent Calendar:

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