Welcome to Vietnam Veterans of America Major Louis F. Guillermin Chapter 436

Our Meetings are held at the VFW Post 845, 4601 West Lincoln Highway, Downingtown, PA 19335. (610 269-8818)

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month except July and August.

  Bad weather cancellations are sent by email or you can call the VFW post for updates.


Flag Ceremony





Who: West Chester University Alumni Association & First Resource Bank

invite Chester County Veterans

What: to Chester County Veterans Breakfast


at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Thursday, February 5, 2015


WCU Alumni & Foundation Center

202 Carter Drive, West Chester, PA



Free breakfast

VA updates

Bring your DD214 to receive ID cards

Learn about WCU's ROTC program and student Veterans

Join the discuss about VA in Chester County

Special guest speakers




610 436-2813

Jan. 13: General membership meeting.   Coatesville VAMC’s Kirk Fernitz will be our January speaker. He will talk to us about the importance of registering at the VAMC.  We'll learn what we can expect after registering.



Vietnam Veterans and families are at the center of THE major health story in decades.  Will our health system be ready to deal with second, third and fourth generations of Americans affected by the dioxin sprayed on us over 40 years ago? We hope so.


Don’t expect the perpetrators of the deed (chemical companies) to admit their mistake and take responsibility. They’re busy getting legislation exempting them from such things.

They’ll affectively get others to shine the spotlight on the victims and to call us “crybabies” just like the bad old days. Truth is Vietnam Veterans have always had an attitude of caring for the most harmed first. While we want care, we’ll wait our turn.


Be not cowed or disheartened. Nothing good was ever done this way. We have good people revving up for the upcoming fight. What we can do is support them to victory. Let’s do it for our children; their children and so on and so on.  Agent Orange is the legacy forced on us. To change this game, we need a game changer soon.


2014 was once again a stellar year for VVA 436. We do more than survive; we prosper. We have a good organizational plan and over 25 years of success to rely on.


Coming soon is our annual election. We will need candidates for President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors. The offices are not hard to execute and require little time.  All regular members are eligible to hold office. If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen several styles of leadership; and each one works. The blend of our talents and unified efforts make the magic.

The nomination committee will review all regular members for these positions. If they approach you, consider the good you can do for the chapter by saying “yes”. If you think to yourself “somebody” will do it, be reminded of this: you are “somebody”.


Newsletter: vva436@gmail.com John Morris, Writer/Editor & Jim Doedderlein, Fulfillment Director.  The newsletter is written with many internet hot inks, if you are not able to use the internet and want information about an article, call 484 947-3437.


Honor Guard:     No scheduled outings.


For updates and other chapter information, go to this website. If you’re on FaceBook or Twitter, send a post directing other Veterans to our website and ultimately to our numbers.


Membership: Vietnam Veterans of America #436 = 134 members.  Associates of VVA 436 = 5 members.


Agent Orange: There are more areas being designated as AO hotspots. It seems wherever the barrels of

dioxin landed, there was exposure. The latest area is Korea. If you know someone with mysterious illnesses and they served in Korea, get him/her some help.


● Our December speaker was the director of  Chester County Veterans Affairs, Lawrence Davidson. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan.d  He’s the new guy following our old friend, Paul Andriole.  He is also a VSO and will assist us with our VA claims.  He even goes to homes to help Veterans. One of his current projects is a Veteran oral history at West Chester University. He does outreach work with LZ2, American Helicopter Museum and the Mary Walker Home. He also worked diligently with us on our Oct 2013 AO Town Hall meeting.  Davidson’s other activities:

• matching Veterans with available VA treatment

• working with the Veteran Court to adjudicate justice

• providing emergency aid for Veterans in dire straits

• getting outside care for Veterans from VA

• advocating for Veterans with Veteran groups

Contact information: Phone: 610-344-6375

Address: 6101 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19380


   The chapter thanks Lawrence Davidson for joining us and providing his heartfelt message.




● The directors are revising our constitution to allow the officers and directors to have discretionary funds to address emergencies between general meetings.



● The Valley Forge Volunteer Chapter has invited us to attend a Jan. 14 -15 event. They will posts all their events on their website.




● Bob Stone asked us to contact our federal elected ones to press them to back new Agent Orange legislations. Senator Pat Toomey  www.toomey.senate.gov/?p=contact   Senator Bob Casey www.casey.senate.gov/contact/US Representatives  at this website




● VVA 436 is hosting a Jan. 21 lunch for the VAMC Building #138 hospice.




● Scholarship: John Maher reported we need to decide how to work with school coordinators to introduce and develop our scholarships. The wording of the contest is still at issue.




●President Ken invited the VVA State President, Thomas Haberkorn to our April Induction Banquet.

 We are discussing having a joint banquet with the Pottstown VVA.




●Dare to take the United States citizenship test to see if you’ll pass? The national average is 83%.





When you see PTSD in a younger Veteran, give her/him your understanding and help them find

  The Soldiers’ Project for the help needed.




● Veteran breakfasts at Bistro 24 are scheduled on Jan. 13, Feb. 3 & 24. Chow time is 7:00 a.m.




● Search your home for Sixties treasures to loan -again  loan - to the Chester County Historical Society for a 2015 event. Let’s bring the “Nam” to the party before someone else does.  Call Ellen Endslow at 610 692-4800.



 www.vva436.org: for updates & meetings minutes




● The VA mailed the Veterans Choice Cards to Veterans with problems concerning location and other obstacles keeping them from getting treatment from a VA facility.



● Newsletter: The Voice of 436 wants to help members with their other Veteran organizations’ events.

Most of us are members of multiple organizations.  Getting the word out is simple. Send your articles to

vva36@gmail.com before the last day the month. There is often a struggle for print space so it’s not a lock we can run it. We’ll give them a fair assessment.




Membership: 50 life plus 84 regular for a 134 total. We have 5 AVVA members.




●Contributions are sought for a statue of MOH recipient Corporal Michael Crescenz to be erected at the Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial.  A new website will be ready soon with a donation function for Pay Pal. The email  address ismichaelcrescenzfoundation@gmail.com  Mail donations to Port Richmond Savings, 2522 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia. PA 19134.


“Never again will one generation of Veterans turn its back on another.”



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