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The Vietnam War in Poetry


President of VVA Ken Schweitzer Given Award

From all of us vets.... thank you Ken! VVA 436 is poud of you!




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Oct. 14:

Michael P. Caimi, VP, Liberty War Bird Association. His group is working with ! West Chester University on the Helicopter program to be held in November.


Burning up FaceBook in August was a harmless fund raiser for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Thousands of folks either were doused in ice water or ponied up $50 to avoid the peer pressure challenges. I imagined how the other charities for deadly illnesses felt while monies piled up for ALS and not their way. Your editor was not challenged but still pre-planned his response. He would decline the offer and send his $50 to help fight Agent Orange. Why? AO is the balloon payment Americans will be making for generations to come. The Chinese estimated seven American generations will be affected by the massive dumping of dioxin in Vietnam. That will translate into millions of damaged humans and costs in the trillions. After being introduced into the body, dioxin alters the host’s DNA causing diseases that are passed along to children who have no choice but to pass it forward and on and on. There are several good groups fighting actively to help those affected.

Faces of AO is affiliated with VVA National and have two major purposes: raising AO awareness and getting our congress to measure up for the damages done. CoVVHA (Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance) provides education and a caring - and effective - brand of self-help for our children and grandchildren. Together we can learn more about the battle to ease the suffering from government approved poisoning of its military and successive generations of Americans. Then we can all help find a way out.

On a related note, a Judge has ruled Veterans, who handled barrels of AO while stationed in South Korea, are entitled to care and compensation for their illnesses. It was a bittersweet victory for the many ill Korean Veterans, since the ruling does not mention “dioxin” as one of the toxic agents. They’ll get something but not AO treatment.

Newsletter: John Morris, Writer/Editor -- Jim Doedderlein, Fulfillment Director. ! Your articles are always welcomed. Email your article NLT the last Sunday of the month.

Honor Guard: Our Honor Guard is having a revival with the introduction of several new members. ! ! This usually brings an energy to benefit all. ! ! ! Our Honor Guard is the image the public see, and they make us look good. Phil Prinzi keeps our website fresh, informative and vibrant. Go there for updates andchapter information. If you’re on FaceBook or Twitter, send a post directing other Veterans to our website and ultimately to our numbers.

Membership: We welcome our two newest members: Bill Stellfox and Jerry Banks. Welcome home.
Vietnam Veterans of America#436 = 129 members. Associates of VVA 436 = 8 members.

 Hear ye! Hear ye! Los Gourmanderos* will descend upon Joe’s American Bar & Grill in Phoenixville for another night of food, drink and chat. If you’re game, bring yourself and maybe a mate/date. * VVA 436’s dining club Details: 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 18th, 519 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA. ! Email your confirmations to Joe Melchiorri at or call 484 947-3437 NLT October 10. To be the “jefe gourmandero”, like Joe, select an eatery to visit with VVA 436; pick a date and inform the newsletter guys. Simplicity is the key.


For updates and minutes of previous meetings, go to


Lawrence Davidson has succeeded Paul Andriole as head of Chester County Veterans Affairs. Larry was part of WCU’s planning committee for the 2013 October AO Town Hall Meeting. ! VVA 436 looks forward to working with the new director and wish him well in his new position.


American Helicopter Museum’s upcoming events ! ROTORFEST: ! Oct. 11 & 12, 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ! Vietnam War Helicopter Commemorative: ! ! ! ! Nov. 12- time: tbd ! Bob Gallagher is our go-to guy for these events, and he needs help.


Stars and Stripes magazine is running a series called Vietnam at 50. There’s a section where you can add your own Vietnam story. Worth a look


Our newsletters from September 1995 through 2004 contained a feature called “Editor Notes”. ! Phil Prinzi used his computer magic and made them available on the chapter’s website. ! Many months are missing - years 2000 through 2004 mostly. If you have any of these editions, please contact John Morris 484 947-3437.


Chester County’s senior centers are good places for age appropriate information. Go get some.
Coatesville SC: 22 N. 5th St.
Downingtown SC: 938 E. Lancaster Ave.
Kennett Square SC: 427 S. Wayne St.
Oxford SC: 12 E. Locust Ave.
Phoenixville SC: 153 Church St.
West Chester SC: 530 E. Union St.


Parry Desmond and the Downingtown Historical Society are planning an event to honor Downingtown area women who served in the military during wartime. A panel discussion sharing experiences is planned for a Sunday afternoon in October at Ashbridge House, Downingtown. Call 610-269-1709 and ask for Parry.


Boscov’s Friends helping Friends is Oct. 1. Tickets can be secured from Chris Pitt at the September meetings. VVA 436 gets $5 for each ticket sold plus a percentage of resulting sales.

●●●●● 

Veteran breakfasts at Bistro 24 are scheduled on September 9, 30 and October 21. ! Chow time is 7:00 a.m.


PA State Council plan to raise $25,000 for a Veteran memorial in Bedford County.


Search your home for items from the Sixties to loan to the Chester County Historical Society’s 2015 event. They are counting on VVA436 to bring the “Nam” to the party. Call 610 692-4800 and ask for Ellen Endslow.


When vacationing, take your Veteran ID cards and a DD214 with you. Each county has Veteran discounts. Example: Cape May, NJ gives Veterans a free season beach pass.


Cape May county has two stellar Veteran stops.

1. Forgotten Warriors Museum in Rio Grande: ! Set within an air base, this museum is packed side to side and top to bottom with paraphernalia from our war. Curator Tom Collins is an interesting man and knows each item’s history. This museum is an amazing accomplishment and worth seeing.

2. The flag ceremony on Sunset Beach, Cape May is held at sunset each summer day. A different Veteran’s casket flag is flown on the beach during the day and retired at night in a simple but moving ceremony. This event has been a staple in Cape May for over 40 years and has an average of 800 people attending most nights.

“Never again will one generation of Veterans turn its back on another.”






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