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The Vietnam War in Poetry

President of VVA Ken Schweitzer Given Award

From all of us vets.... thank you Ken! VVA 436 is poud of you!




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Upcoming events: Nov. 11:General membership meeting

On November 12th, West Chester University will host an eight hour seminar titled “The Vietnam War A 50 year commemoration of the helicopter war.” Quoting their website: “Sessions feature a series of prominent speakers, both scholars and practitioners, who will situate the use of rotary wing craft within the American Way of War. Speakers include U.S. Army War College Professor John Bonin and U.S. Army Major General (ret.) Carl H. McNair, the 2010 recipient of the Gen. Creighton W. Abrams Medal for exceptional service to U.S. Army.” Site:
Philips Memorial Library 10:00 a.m.: Opening ceremonies
11:00 a.m.: Rotary wing pioneers
1:00 p.m.: Keynote: John Bonin
2:00 p.m.: Vietnam panel: Brig. Gen. Charlie Weber Maj. Gen. Carl H. McNair
3:00 p.m.: Post-Vietnam panel
4:00 p.m.: Panel: Veteran voices from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan
6:00 p.m.: Reception
Site: American Helicopter & Education Center

At the October meeting, we presented Dr. Bob Kodosky with the Chapel of the Four Chaplains award. Professor Kodosky distinguished himself as a Veteran advocate at West Chester University. He was the chairman of 2014 Agent Orange Town hall meeting at the college. Other efforts include being the WCU Veterans Council’s facility advisor. Dr. Bob is directing the Nov. 12 event called “The Vietnam War: A 50th Year Commemoration of the Helicopter War”. This event has six one hour sessions at WCU followed by a gala reception at American Helicopter Museum. The Four Chaplain award was designed to honor those who live lives benefiting humanity in general and Veterans in specifics. Dr. Bob always has one Veteran event going and one in planning. He’s the friend we have at WCU who is ready to step up and make things happen. He has shown himself worthy of such an award. It just took some time for us to catch up with this busy man.

Nov. 11: Buzz Miller of PACT will tell us about his non-profit organization's mission to find ! a temporary home for the pets of troops on deployment, and how we may help.

Newsletter: John Morris, Writer/Editor & Jim Doedderlein, Fulfillment Director.! Your articles are always welcomed. Send them before the last Sunday of the month.

Honor Guard: Coatesville VAMC: Veteran Week activities- Nov. 7 we will raise the flag and do a flag changing on November 10. Phil Prinzi keeps our website fresh, informative and vibrant. Go there for updates and ! ! chapter information. If you’re on FaceBook or Twitter, send a post directing other Veterans to our website and ultimately to our numbers.

Membership: Vietnam Veterans of America #436 = 131 members. Associates of VVA 436 = 6 members.

Agent Orange: First Monsanto gave us dioxin poisoning and are now hawking a new toxin mix called Enlist Duo, AKA “Deadly Duo”, to spray on our food supply


Our October meeting had a helicopter theme. Professor Kodosky gave an update on the Nov. 12th event at WCU and the American Helicopter Museum. James Haga, President of “Liberty War Bird Association” and member Mike Shamus. Their group is focused on restoring vintage Vietnam war helicopters. Others bidders have deeper pockets, but the Liberty War Birds fight hard to get the crafts for preservation. They are dedicated to making their trophies available for display to keep the history vital. They live their motto: “Find them; fix them; fly them.” A video, “In the Shadow of the Blade” is available for a taste of their world. When asked about the epic dumping of warbirds into the China Sea in 1975, Haga and Shamas said it’s painful to watch the videos. Their current goal is to get a mobile copter display in Northeast Pennsylvania. ! Bob Stone made a motion to donation $5,000 to them; seconded by John Maher and passed by acclamation.

Scholarship: Jim Doedderlein presented our new scholarship program. two $1,000 awards (one for merit and one for need). Hopefuls will provide a written essay. Jim made a motion to accept the report; seconded by John Maher and approved by acclamation.


John Morris made a motion to schedule requests for contributions until after “New Business” segment. Bob Stone seconded, and it passed by acclamation.


Rick Wiemer, Bud McCullough, and Bob Gallagher attended Roto-Fest Saturday. It turned out to be pretty dreary day, but we still had a few promising contacts. ! Sunday was again attended by Rick, Bud & Bob. Ken Schweitzer, Barry Amole and Chris Pitts joined them. Sunday was quite a bit busier, with even more promising contacts. Our crew collected $144 for WWP


The American Helicopter Museum installed the American flag, staff and eagle donated by VVA 436.


!Barry Amole gave an update on the purposed concrete walk-way at Coatesville VAMC’s Building 6. Doug Forsythe told us the Chester County Marine Corps League will purchase the brass plaque for Building #6.


VVA 436’s representatives will be unable to attend the upcoming PA State Council meeting.


Our chapter staged a nifty Luau and Pig Roast for our friends at Coatesville VA


The Boy Scouts of America will host a Veterans’ breakfast on November 11 at 7:15 a.m. at Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge, 815 N Pottstown Pike, Exton, PA. To volunteer to attend, contact President Ken at


Joe Melchiorri and 14 Los Gourmanderos held court at Joe’s American Bar & Grill. Choose a restaurant; a night and the newsletter will promote the event.


Veteran breakfasts at Bistro 24 are scheduled on Nov. 11, Dec. 2 & 23. Chow time is 7:00 a.m.


Looking to do the “free meal hat trick” on Veterans Day? Breakfast @ Bob Evans; Lunch and/or Dinner @ Applebee’s, Chili’s or Chicago Uno. Other choices are available at this website.


Search your home for Sixties treasures to loan - again - loan to the Chester County Historical Society for a 2015 event. Let’s bring the “Nam” to the party. Call Ellen Endslow at 610 692-4800.


Here’s the VA’s new benefit application.

The changes to the POW-MIA system are not working fast enough for many POW-MIA families. These changes were meant to streamline the process however they are not kicking in as hoped.


Phil Prinzi and his computer magic have made old newsletters available on the chapter’s website. If you have any of the 1985 to 2005 printed editions, please contact John Morris 484 947-3437.

●●●●● for updates & meetings minutes


The minutes of the October 28 Board of Directors’ meeting are on pages 3 & 4. There is a listing of the charities targeted for end of year donations. Please review them prior to the November 11 meeting. Note: there is one listing for PA Wounded Warriors. Our research has reveled they are not affiliated with the national Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

●●●●● PA State Council: Jerry Ney reports an official state historical marker will be placed at 8th St. & Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia on the site of the original Thomas Edison High School, in honor of 64 former students who died during the Vietnam War

“Never again will one generation of Veterans turn its back on another.”






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